Suggested Reading List

Where to find good books to read about Gann history


The Ganns: 1200AD – 1800 AD A Journey of 600 Years and 6000 Miles

by Joy Gann Brown

In depth research into the early origins of the Ganns.

The Ignatious Nathan Gann Family: Three Generations of Pioneers

by William R Gann and Gary R Toms

The story of Ignatious Nathan Gann and his descendants.

TO PURCHASE ONE, SEND A CHECK FOR $55.00 (this includes postage) MAKE THE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO GANN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Send it to this address; Charles Gann 7305 S. 231st E. Ave. Broken Arrow, OK 74014-2443. The book will be mailed to you at the book rate. Depending on where you live, it usually takes four – five days, after I mail it.