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GEDmatch kits

Post by rangergann » 01 Aug 2017 22:42

If you want others in this group to be able to check against your GEDMatch kits, please add yourself to this document. Note the format being used: kit manager, kit profile alias, kit ID.

Profile: Teressa Sliger
Manager: Kay Silkey
ID# T715860

Profile and manager: Deborah Edwards
ID# A500551

Greg Gann - A094712

Wes Gann - A362232

Mary K. Bohannan - A518508

Profile: Joe Ann Gann
Manager: Joe Ann Hancock

ID: T458006
Profile: David Edward
Manager: Sara G Gann

ID: T197926
Profile: Edward Paul Gann
Manager: Sara G Gann

ID:A003879, T098128, M604880
Profile: James Albert Gann

ID: F444075
Profile: Raymond Gann (Germany - cousin of Geoffrey, England)
Email: <>

ID: A836735
Profile: Sabrina Mott
Manager: Sabrina Mott (email

ID: A985817 - Granddaughter of John Allen Gann b. abt 1881 d 1961
Profile Alias: JoGnn
Manager: WC66- Czerk

ID: T779261
Profile: Jim Gann
Manager: Gayle Anderson Gann

ID: A182480 Great Grandson of John Allen Gann
Profile Alias : *WC66
Manager: WC66 - Czerk

ID: F418930
Profile: Joy Gann
Manager: Joy Gann Brown

ID: T189770
Profile: Kenney G. (Joy Gann Brown’s brother)
Manager: Thea Baker

ID: A124577
Profile: My APG (husband's paternal Gann aunt)
Manager: Colleen Greene

ID: M393614
Profile: Charlie
Manager: Charlie Gann

ID: T423962
Profile: Charlie Gann
Manager: Charlie Gann

ID: T184684
Profile: Tom McCabe
Manager: Tom McCabe

ID: T758852 (old F81331 - ftDNA - Mitzy Gann)
ID: M540067 (23andMe - Mitzy Gann)

ID: T623597 (ftDNA - Audry Gann)

ID: T729730 (ftDNA - Peter F. Gann)
Profile: See above
Manager: Mitzy Gann

ID: T324122
Profile: Rex Gann
Manager: Dan Gann

ID: A827267
Profile: TSchoppenhorst
Manager: Cathie Bradley Schoppenhorst

ID: A148028
ID: M924562
Manager: Kay Silkey

ID: M794949
Profile: Thea B.
Manager: Thea Baker

ID: M081861
Profile: Mary A.
Manager: Thea Baker

ID: A109155
Profile: Jennifer
Manager: Jennifer Gann

ID: A100626
Profile: Edna Gann
Manager: Tom McCabe

ID: A014563
B87140 This is FTDNA not a Gedmatch number
Profile: Patricia Louise Shaw
Alias: PattylShaw
Manager: Pat Shaw

ID: A707192
Profile: Jacki Willard
Manager: Jacki Willard

ID: A775092
Profile: Susann Bonal (Susan Gann)
Manager: Susanne Bonal

FTDNA ID: 570788
Profile: Wayne Edgar Gann
Manager: Susanne Bonal

ID: T016926
profile: Betty Joiner
manager: betty joiner

ID: M080588
Profile: Newton W
Manager: Thea Baker

ID: T210813
Profile: John Evans
Manager: Judy Jones Evans

ID: F201819
Profile: *VCW
Manager: Pat Worsham

ID: F216982
Profile: JALcousinH
Manager: Pat Worsham

ID: F216848
Profile: JALcousinF
Manager: Pat Worsham

ID: F217002
Profile: JALcousinC
Manager: Pat Worsham

ID: F216882
Profile: JALcousinJ
Manager: Pat Worsham

ID: 449903
Profile: Patricia Gann Alicki
Manager: Patricia Gann Alicki

ID: A199267
Jimmie Louise Gann
Admin: Jennifer Gann (my paternal aunt)

ID: F444075
Raymond Gann
Admin: Raymond Gann

ID: M863763 Janice Hill - ogia's mom
Admin: Amanda Post (Janice is my mom)

ID: M497130Amanda Post
Admin: Amanda Post

ID: A625244
Profile: Tanya
Admin: Tanya Hamell

ID: A339333
Profile: Don
Admin: Tanya Hamell

ID: A654851
Profile: Richard (Tanya’s son)
Admin: Tanya Hamell

ID: A969702
Profile: Heidi Perry
Admin: Tanya Hamell

ID: A745490
Profile: Maxine Perry
Admin: Tanya Hamell

ID: T098557 (new FTDNA file)
Ernestine Johnson (Susanne Bonal’s paternal aunt)
Admin: Susanne Bonal

ID: A714208
Tracey Ellis-Ludemann (charmngrace)
Admin: Tracey Ellis-Ludemann

ID: T821480
Lewis M. Ruddick, Great grandson of Rosanna Gann Miller
Admin: Lewis M. Ruddick

ID: T626632
Drenda N. Ruddick. Great granddaughter of Rosanna Gann Miller
Admin: Lewis M. Ruddick

ID: A866169
Murus D Pumphrey IV, Great Grandson of John Thomas Gann Sr., descendant of William Anderson Gann

ID: T492812 David M Gann, thought to be descended from the Georgia "Old" Nathan Gann line

KIT manager - Randy Gann, email: r_gann at bellsouth dot net
Kit profile alias - Randy Gann
Kit ID T323365 - I am descended from the Henry Farrow Gann line, Jefferson County, TN. Alexander Farrow Gann is Henry’s brother, both married Adams girls. The line as I have it is, Thomas Farrow > Henry Farrow Gann > James E Gann > James B Gann > James H Gann > William H Gann > James G Gann > Randy Gann.

ID Kit A735508, ID 9951108, Debbie Dorrough Wein

ID: M926903
Profile: Sherry Gann Bennett
Admin: Sherry Gann Bennett

Kit manager - Sara Tomerlin, Email:
Kit Profile Alias - Sara T.
Kit A176454 - I am descended from Sarah Gann Ray > Cornelius Gann > John Jack Gann > Thomas Gann Sr. > Adam C. Gann Sr. > Samuel Gann

ID: A721383
Profile Alias: Barbara Cart
Manager: Barbara Cart (granddaughter of John William Gann, son of John Washington Gann, son of Smith Gann, son of Thomas Gann, son of John (Steadfast) Gann, son of Adam Gann... I think.)

ID: A004749
Profile and manager: Amanda Colburn

A228830 Stevie Gann Moors Profile and Admin Stevie Moors (William Anderson Gann descendant)

A243444 Robert Gann Alias *RG (William Anderson Gann descendant)

ID: A707861
Profile and manager: Judy Sims
Family Tree: 5461921 Judy Gann

ID: A863187
Profile: Lucille P. Gann
Manager: Jennifer Gann (my paternal aunt and William Anderson Gann descendant)

ID: A043554
Profile: Shelly Monday
Manager: Jennifer Gann (paternal 1st cousin, daughter of Cynthia Gann)

ID: A611625
Profile: Kathryn Abbott(abby61)
Manager Kathryn Abbott
David M Gann
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Re: GEDmatch kits

Post by Webber11 » 24 Mar 2018 19:39

ID A432539
Aubrey Allen Gann
from Nathan Ignatius Gann through William, through William Jackson, through Zebedee, and through Allen Woodroe.

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